Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Beginning

I can't very well just start talking about my day without introducing myself, now can I? I'm Paula, a mommy, a wifey and a little worker bee.Seriously. I am currently a full time art student at the Art Institute of Colorado as well as a stay at home mom. Let me tell you, I have the life! But it wasn't so great before year 26. 

I'm in my fourth quarter now at the AiColorado. I got to Colorado and began at AiC while still an active duty Marine and have since graduated to the wonderful reserves. I did 6 years as a graphic artist turned lithographer (the Marine Corps decided they'd rather pay civilians to do our job) in Washington DC where I met my husband. We have two cats, a fascinating 3 year old son, and a colicky 3 month old (as of today!) daughter. So I am a full time stay at home mom as well as a full time student.

I grew up in south eastern Ohio, on a bird farm (chickens, ostriches, and everything in between) and went to a Christian school where I wore skirts to my ankles every day. I graduated salutatorian which earned me scholarships to Pensacola Christian College majoring in commercial art. After a few events and plenty of sexism I dropped out for the Marines. I haven't looked back since.

I'm currently in love with my Wacom 21 in (?) monitor, and I love painting in Photoshop.

My new love creating jewelry has been a long time coming. I have collect pieces thinking I would make something out of them for so long now! When Leni was born practically bald I decided she needed a different kind of accessory than hair things - bracelets. Once I learned how to create the cute, tiny stuff I decided to move on to bigger things - MY things. I love it and I gather inspiration from sooo much, it's fantastic!

Here's to Fun, Sparkles, Giggles, and Glamor!

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